Ashiki is a Needless who appeared in the Prequel Needless 0 (Manga). He possesses the fragment Second Sight. He is at the time of Needless 0 a leader of a small gang in the same Black Spot as the main story.




Powers and Abilities

Fragment: Second Sight - Allows the user to not only see but also control "spiritual beings" or ghost to a certain degree. Ashiki makes use of ghost similarly to ammunition and refers to them as such. It is unknown if this is simply his phrasing. He makes use of the 3rd eye that he gained from he fragment to absorb ghost into it.

He uses ghost under his control as a form of Poltergeist phenomenon that takes the appearance of telekinesis. His attacks mainly consisting of his dominated ghost attacking his opponents and inflicting physical damage to them in some form or another.

Weakness: It may be theorized that Ashiki need to acquire ghost himself to fully make use of his power, as his ghost may be consumed or depart in one way or another. Without any Ghost Ashiki would be like any other normal human who regularly participates in fights. This is however remedied in the chapter due to the presence of Naraka in his Gang.


Exorcism - Seemingly purifies any and all ghost within his vicinity that are hit by the light produced from his 3rd eye. This apparently also absorbs them into his 3rd eye and goes under his rule.