Doppelganger (ドペルガンガ or 变身) a fragment which allows the user to freely manipulate his/her body to any shape or form. This is first seen as Eve Neuschwanstein's fragment. What's more it is a fragment that Adam Blade cannot copy or learn, but Adam Arclight Possesses and uses freely. This was one of Arclight's arguments in that Adam Blade was a failure of the Adam Project.

It is later on revealed that Adam Blade did have the Doppelganger fragment in his youth but had gave it willingly to eve to save her life. This was done by extracting the part of Adam Blade's brain which contained the Doppelganger Fragment, and transplanting it onto Eve.

Doppelganger is a Missing Link type fragment. Under the control of Eve the calorie consumption per transformation was greatly increased compared to when Adam Blade was using it. Probably due to Eve not being its originator.




Dero Doro has 5,000 calories. Necessary energy for a Doppelganger

The usage of the fragment allows the user to change it's body structure into anything he/she wish. Thus, the user can restructure the composition of his/her body (even to mechanized and complex compunds), gain extra limbs, stretch, merge with other constructs (like an iron wall) and even regenerate his/her body and that of the others. Thus making this as one of the "Missing Link" fragments. It's only weakness is it use a lot of calories, because of that the user needs to consume lot amounts of calories to restore them if the ability is used to make great deals.


  • Doppleganger: Shapeshift into another person.
  • Eve Cannon: After turning her fist into an iron fist, Eve hits her enemy. Also exceptional with a Drill. First used on Kafka.

    Eve using her Eve Cannon on Kafka

  • Deadly Maelstrom: After transforming both arms into a giant drill, Eve charges against her opponent. First used on a group of testaments.
  • Spike Kick (unnamed): Eve create spikes around her leg and kicks the opponent with it.