Flea Team

The Flea Team.

The Flea Team is an elite Simeon detachment of Needless that specializes in scouting for information. They are a three-man squad composed of KafkaZamusa, and Gregoire


The Flea Team had gained a reputation among other Simeon groups for their shadowy tactics. However, the death of their assassin, Kafka, left the Flea Team in a state of disarray. In a last-ditch attempt to restore their status, Zamusa and Gregoire attempted to capture the Resistance's information broker, Disk. This mission was a horrible failure when they improperly gauged their enemy's strength, and they were annihilated. It is likely that Arclight disbanded the Flea Team soon after and gave each member a new assignment.

Flea Team End

The end of the Flea Team.