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Kafka (カフカ) is the first Needless to be defeated by both Blade and Eve. He works for Simeon and was an assassin sent out to kill Blade. His fragment Kandata String allows him to generate powerful threads from his body. He can also use Tempest Thread in which he sends out hundreds of thousads of threads at his target at the same time. It is revealed that before he was killed he, Gregoire, and Zamusa belonged to a special forces group called the Flea Team.



He enjoys watching horror movies.


Needless 0[]

Uten (Kafka)

Kafka as appears in Needless 0 when he was younger and still Arclight's Uten.

In Needless 0 it is revealed that Kafka can create variations of Kandata Sting in the form of cloth strings and tentacles. It was copied by Blade and is regularly used by him. His back-story is revealed in greater detail long after his death, including that he was once an Uten, he was present when Riru joined Arclight, and had a rivalry with the most recent Uten.

Prologue Arc[]

Kafka is killed by Blade and Eve in Chapter 4 after he attempts to learn where Blade is hiding by threatening Cruz with death.

Eve's Story Arc[]

A younger version of Kafka appeared inside Blade's memory world and confronted Blade, Cruz, and Saten. During that time, he was serving the Overlord Guild and its leader, Strom. When Cruz was about to be killed by several genetically altered humans, Kafka returned to confirm whether or not Cruz was truly from the future, as Saten had said. He kills the creations and rescues Cruz, then reappears when Blade, Cruz, and Saten were being chased by Overlord, making a ladder for them to escape. In the end, Kafka questions Cruz about the future and Cruz confesses that Kafka will die, prompting Kafka to say that he will attempt to change that future.

City Arc[]

Powers and Abilities[]

Fragment: Kandata String -