Killer Girls Squad or Simeon Girl Force or Simeon Girl Squadron - A squad which was created and headed by Riru for the purpose of Adam Arclight and Simeon Company. It is composed of Needless and Non-Needless females only.


Squad Member are chosen from the graduates of St. Rose Academy, who are at the Top Ranks of the school. All Killer Girl Squad Members have a special ID card which they receive after graduating St Rose Academy that allows them to not be attacked by Testaments.

At the start of the story there were only 47 members, later on Eve Neuschwanstein was officially recognized as a member, albeit mind controlled to be so as Killer Girl Squad number 48. Cruz Schild's cross dressing persona "Yamada/Yamadako" as well was officially recognized as a member by Madam Black. Knowing full well who Cruz was, but recognized him and let him graduate from St Rose Academy to allow him an exit without suspicions. His/Her Killer Girls Squad number is 49.


The Killer Girls squad's purpose is to support the Simeon Company in its endeavors from the shadows. Needless members are delegated to Combat. Non-Needless are delegated into 2 fields of work. The normal students who have high intellectual abilities are delegated to information analysis, spying and infiltration. Those without either (Fragment or High Intelligence) are delegated to missions requiring "Feminine Charms" such as seduction and manipulation of high value targets within or outside of the black spot.

Known Members/Graduates

Status Graduate of St. Rose Academy ETC
Eve Neuschwanstein Alive? N/A Briefly under brainwashing, but is still registered as a Killer Girl Squad Member.
Kuchinashi Deceased Yes, Repeated Training after failure of initial mission to capture Adam Blade.
Mio Alive Yes Went missing. Subsequently
Rin ? Expelled
Setsuna Deceased Yes, Repeated Training after failure of initial mission to capture Adam Blade.
Yamada-ko Alive Recognized by Madam Black as a Graduate and member of the Killer Girl Squad.