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The Shield of Aegis a fragment belonging to Cruz Schild. Described by Aruka along side her Fragment of "Agni Schiwatas" as "The Left and Right Hand of God." Being that Aruka's Fragment could destroy or pierce through anything, while Cruz's Fragment could defend against anything. Briefly explained by Disk to be based on Anti-Matter, hence the negation of all incoming attacks. Is considered a Missing Link type Fragment. it is one of the 12 Stigmata Fragments in existence.

Hinted at by Aruka throughout the series(Manga) and suspected by Adam Blade and Disc. It is noted that Arukas has known about Cruz's Fragment since their 1st re-encounter at the Simeron Arc.


Screen Shot 2012-10-20 at 1.06.56 AM

Cruz using 'Shield of Aegis'

First appearence:

  • Needless -Chapter 100


Blocks all the attacks coming towards the direction the user is holding his/her hand/palm towards. This has been able to block any and all incoming attacks. It has even been able to block the Energy Blast from an Angel, to which not even Adam Arclight, Saten or Guido could survive if hit directly by the energy Blast.The Angel also expressed shock upon witnessing its energy blast not being able to annihilate their target.

Explained by Disk as anti-matter in its source. It therefore is able to negate any and all fragments used against it. Given that all fragments are based on dark matter energy.