Simeon's Blackspot branch main building.

Simeon Company is a large pharmaceutical and technology research organization and the central enemy organization for Needless. It was said that Simeon conducted human experiments for the purpose of immortality. The company appears to have great influence throughout Japan, as they are the only ones legally allowed to expand into the largest Black Spot. Being the only legal entity allowed to set up in the Black Spot Simeon Company has been delegated to collect Taxes from other companies within the Black Spot. The Black Spot Branch is headed by Adam Arclight himself, and is his base of power.


Initially known as a pharmaceutical company within the black spot, known as the only legal entity within it recognized and authorized by the Japanese government. They have by the time of the start of the story diversified somewhat. They not only included research into immortality, Fragments, The Second, robotics and human cloning, but were deeply involved with the criminal underworld from human trafficking, providing human clones for cannibalistic purposes to human clone super soldiers.


Simeon Pharmaceuticals has a strict chain of command, with a wide variety of functions ranging from scientific research to conducting military operations.

  • Simeon Company Board of Directors: the only entity Adam Arclight is answerable to as the CEO of Simeon Company. It is actually controlled in the shadows by the 666 Committee.
  • Adam Arclight: Chairman of Simeon Company. He is answerable only to the Simeon Company Board of Directors, which arclight tolerates and makes use of at the most.
  • Arclight's Shintenou ("Elite Four"): Answers directly to Arclight alone.
  • Killer Girls Squad: An elite female fighting force specializing in infiltration, intelligence-gathering and combat. They are regarded as a Idol group within the company, as well as a shadow support group for the company. They are headed by Riru herself.
  • Research Division: Handles all scientific research that is being done by Simeon Company. Including but not limited to:
    • The creation of Needless-exterminating robots known as Testaments.
    • Eden's Seed Research
    • Human Experiments and ETC
  • Simeon Overseers Force: Supervises Simeon's resources and manages the labor needed to produce it.

Fate of the Simeon Company

The fate of Simeon compnay is different from the Anime and Manga. In the Anime, the Black Spot branch was destroyed in the titanic battle between Blade's group and Arclight. Arclight's defeat forced Simeon Pharmaceuticals to leave the Black Spot, but their main Headquarters in The City remained. In the Manga, however, the main branch of Simeon Company in The City was also destroyed.


  • Eve often mistakes Simeon as "Simian" in the anime.