St. Rose Academy is an all girl training school funded and run by the Simeon company. This is where young girls with or without needless powers are trained to become members of the Killer Girls Squad. This is headed by Riru and run by the principal called Madam Black. Both the OVA series and later part of the Manga event where Cruz ends up in the Academy, in the event to solve the "Invisible Bomber" investigation [1].


Students of the St. Rose Academy are all possibly orphans, disposed or abandoned in the black spot, as stated by Setsuna to Mio that they do not have parents (ref needed). The training is considered harsh by all it's students, even for it's graduates. A lot of incidents occur within the academy from smoking cigarettes, cheating in a test, pregnancies to even accidental death during training.

Student are only allowed to leave the campus once a week, to prevent students escaping due to the harsh training and to prevent intruders from gaining access to the campus. The students must pass a written exam/test to be allowed to leave the campus grounds and pass through the gate, The students who failed the written exam are subjected to training in "Feminine Charms" by the principal herself.


The students are trained for Combat, Information Analysis or Espionage, Seduction, Office work or anything else that the Simeon Company might need as dictated by Riru. Only 12 students who are at the top of the class overall, are promoted to active duty as a member of the Killer Girls Squad. The promotion into active duty in the Killer Girls Squad occurs twice a year. Everyone else not promoted are retained for 6 months for re-training. Each division (Combat, Information and Seduction) have specialized classes for its students.


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