The Fourth Wave (第四波動) or Daiyon Hadou is a needless fragment It was first seen used by Saten. It is a Missing Link type fragment. Allows the user to absorb thermal energy and release it as an energy blast.



The true form of the Fourth Wave is Thermal Energy Conversion, which allows the user to absorb thermal energy and convert it into a energy blast capable of great destructive effect. Saten has been seen controlling the entire process of thermal energy conversion from heat absorption to produce Ice, gust of air created through thermal manipulation to the final Destructive Energy Blast of the Fourth Wave. it should be noted however that Saten possesses 2 heavy looking arm bands which may or may not be vital for interruption of the thermal energy conversion to produce various effects as stated above.


  • Heat Absorption: Absorbing the heat from an object or attack, causing it to freeze. It is first used against Teruyama.
  • The Fourth Wave: A powerful wave of absorbed thermal energy. It is first used against Teruyama.

    Daiyon Hadou (The Fourth Wave)

    • Double Fourth Wave: Another version of The Fourth Wave, except it is used with both hands instead of just one and in opposite directions. It is first used against Adam Blade and Eve.
  • The Fifth Wave: A powered up version of The Fourth Wave. It makes use
  • The Sixth Wave: An attacks described as similar to "Heaven". Equaling the attack as the phenomenon when one's life flashes before one's life as s/he is about to die. Making use of the concept of Dark Matter Arclight proceeds a mental attack on his target in which he twist time and space. Claiming that the mental attack may feel like hundreds of millions of years, while only actually taking 2 seconds in real time. The attack is so devastating that within those 2 seconds, the target would suffer unrelenting torment and subsequently use up the brains lifetime (cell viability until old age) and finally die [1].


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