The Resistance is a group who resist the control of Simeon Company within the Black Spot. They are composed of Needless and Non-Needless alike. They are led by the Needless Zakat . They were only briefly featured in the story and were subsequently and unanimously killed off. Their more notable members included Aruka Schild and her younger brother Cruz Schild. It is later revealed that not only was Aruka pretending to be a low level Needless, but was the secret Fourth member of Arclight's Shintenou. She was sent into the resistance as a spy.

There have been at least 2 known direct confrontation with the resistance against Simeon Company. The first is the supposed ambush set up by the resistance to kill Adam Arclight, the CEO of Simeon Company. The Second is retaliation of the resistance against Simeon Company during their Needless Hunt.

The resistance came into the possession of microchips which contained the complete rooster of its members, but also revealed to contain the genetic blue print of the second, Stigmata information and usage as well as deep insider information about the simeon company. This was contained in a 2 part microchip. One was hidden in a locket given by Zakat to Cruz Schild, which supposedly came form her sister Aruka Schild. The second part was hidden literally inside the head of Cruz Schild by Dr. Mengroze, prior to the start of the main story.