Zakat was the leader of the Resistance Force opposing the Simeon Pharmaceutical Company's tyrannical rule over the Black Spot.


Simeon Arc

The majority of Zakat's actions are recounted in a flashback by Cruz. Although Aruka Schild was Zakat's second-in-command, Zakat harbored suspicions towards Aruka's true intentions, so he chose to hide the Resistance's information chip inside of a pendant and gave it to Cruz, saying that it was from Aruka herself. After receiving information from Aruka about an opportunity to assassinate Simeon's leader, Adam Arclight, Zakat amassed his forces to prepare an ambush for Arclight. However, this was revealed to be a trap prepared by Simeon in order to annihilate every member of the Resistance. Although Zakat fought valiantly, he was no match for Arclight's godly powers, and he was destroyed.

Zakat's Armor

Zakat's Ultimate Armor, Felsen Avalanche.

Powers and Abilities

As the leader of the Resistance, Zakat was known for his strength in battle.

Fragment Felsen Avalanche - allowed him to create an outer shell of stone that would regenerate no matter how many times it is broken. Zakat refers to it as "the ultimate armor." His stone shell also gave him fists powerful enough to punch through armor.

Welcome to Hell

Zakat's ultimate fate.